Sunday, April 4, 2010

All Everybody Wants Is Sugar


The exciting part is I think I have the necessary ten pieces for my final portfolio review. On the other hand, nothing ever seems to be enough.

This was probably the best piece I made my junior year, also for Marcos Chin's Fashion Illustration Class.

For the assignment, we received a variety of Andy Warhol quotes and we needed to pick one to illustrate. I have my other sketches, but they were pretty terrible; however, I did go through an extensive refinement process before I went to final, as you can see.

This ended up being the final drawing which transferred pretty accurately into the final. Regardless, there were still things I could have refined. Mostly, the honey oozing from the trees.


Like the last piece I posted, I also ended up refinishing this piece as a silkscreen print. I think, in general, it works a lot better than the original. It feels warmer, the way it should feel.

I have a couple of cool projects going on which should be done within the next couple of days, so expect more updates!


Here's a sneak at a final I'm working on tomorrow, mostly for the sake of copyright. I scanned in the sketch to blow it up and left it in the print shop scanner by accident.


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