Thursday, March 25, 2010

Royal Pimp

AH! Sorry guys. So much for "UPDATE SOON"...

Its been a busy month since my last update. I'm in the process of scanning in more work and pulling together the final touches on my portfolio! Exciting!...and exhausting!

I know what you're thinking!...believe me cuz I feel the same way too! THIS IS TERRIBLE!

Spring semester '09, I had the opportunity to take Fashion Illustration with the awesomely talented Marcos Chin! This was my second attempt at a final for our first assignment, which was to illustrate a combination of an adjective and a noun which we drew from an envelope. Naturally, I would get "Royal Pimp."

My first round of sketches were all over the place! Some were fun, others obvious, and some WAY too pretentious for my own good. To my surprise, my most far fetched idea (King Kong dressed as a pimp eating golden popcorn...don't ask how I got there) was the one that drew the most attention.

A second round of sketches brought me to these two ideas. A refined version of the original idea and a combination of it with the best parts of some of the other sketches. Ultimately, the one on the right was chosen and excited as I was to work on it, I was having considerable difficulty figuring out how to finalize it. Painting had become a pain and I love drawing, but how was I going to incorporate that into a final piece? Don't get me wrong. I learned a lot through the completion of this piece and it only advised where I would stand about a year later.

This semester I resolved to revisit this piece one last time through my new found love for printmaking and it ended up being EXTREMELY more successful than my first two attempts. It also became the first intense print I've ever made! WHOO! The difference one year can make...

I promise I'll blog again soon this time! A lot more work to scan in!

Also, its still got some kinks and is pretty simple, but my NEW WEBSITE has LAUNCHED! Check it out!

PS: I haven't forgotten about the Totem Burger. Details next time!