Friday, July 30, 2010

Old School

WOAH...been slackin'!! Ehh...not really I guess. Resumé reconstruction is harder than I remember...and job application more daunting!

Anyway, I did finish a print today, (FINALLY) but I had to rush out of the print shop and wasn't able to scan that sucker in. Hopefully, I'll have a second one done tomorrow (One more separation! Fingers crossed!)

...BUT I was able to scan in this guy! It didn't want to be photographed...AT ALL! It was being too difficult. Thankfully, the scanner at the print shop is a higher being from a future dimension (...really that thing is amazing) and was able to put it in its place. I blogged before about three pieces from my Don't Step on the Crack series. This is a fourth piece called Milk Milk Lemonade...should be self explanatory if you were a kid in the past two decades...maybe? More comin' up!

Last time around I mentioned some "treats" I would share and thought it'd be interesting to post up some of the "greatest (ER...not) hits" from my time in school to kinda show my path to where I'm at now.
 AH! My first "illustration" in school! It was a spot for a news article concerning Bush's resistance in cutting down the amount of troops being used in the war. Kinda cliché, but it was my first go...I remember feeling smart about it then. Hahaha!

For this one, Yuko Shimizu had us pair up with a classmate and make conceptual portraits of each other. I remember the paralysis in my brain when she said we couldn't ACTUALLY draw each other. Another college meltdown overcome!

I sometimes forget I took Collage with Victoria Kann. Now that I think about it...LOTS of portraiture going on. Plus, the development of my graphic sensibility! MIA and Billy Holiday...the materials were fun!

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with watercolor...I still am sometimes. Its just such a difficult, unforgiving medium! This was my take on the old practice of the vanitas, which is a still life (mostly) which metaphorically, and ironically, uses material possession to symbolize death and the importance of whats immaterial. Here's where I start being "clever" and a "smart ass" (direct quotation!) Score!

Fashion wars was the theme for this piece. Leave it to me to turn fighting furries into the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life! In real life, it'd probably be way more...interesting!

Anyway...thankfully, now I've resigned myself to printmaking. Watercolor and acrylics are fun for color proofs though! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with scans of the new prints, but we all know how that goes.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the relaunch of my website!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Is Love?

PHEW! Its been quite the month and post-undergraduate experience recently...

About a week back I finished art directing a show for my friend, Yvette Edery, What is Love?, which received rave reviews and will probably be up for its second wave of shows next month! Probably the craziest deadline I'll have in my life...EVER!

Aside from Yvette's puppets, which are five years in the making, the rest of the show basically came together in...hmm...A MONTH!? Regardless, I'm very grateful for the experience, gray hairs, and YEARS of maturity which were gained.

Hopefully, you were fortunate enough to catch the show and see the set pieces I created with the help of recent NYU graduate, Ambika Trasi. If not...hopefully, I'll have some pictures to share with you soon.

In the meantime, here are some scans of the fabric I silkscreened for the set piece I was solely responsible for, which was also the centerpiece of the show...the Cosmic Circus Tent:

If you've been following me for the past year, you'll realize that I've brought Yvette up before in regards to the previous summer. Last Friday's show was followed by a screening of the short children's film I worked on with her then, Jillian Dillon, which has been accepted into 11 film festivals! Here's the trailer, in case you missed it the first time:

Even though I joined in on the fun later than most of the contributors, I was still able to construct the opening set piece and a few smaller pieces which can be seen throughout the film. I should have the set within the next week to photograph, but for now, here are some of the smaller things:

Silkscreened background behind Jillian Statue and cut floral details (drawn by EunQ)

Miniature changing tent on the beach (in the tent set, I sewed the striped background)

"Be Kind to Hippoplatypi" Sign in City Hall

Now that all my time has been freed up I've been working on a number of projects (I should have more treats tomorrow!) and was able to update my website! Check it out! I really need to get my CSS skills up...this slicing business is reckless! I should be back soon with puppets, animation, and more new work!

Cheers to another crazy month!