Thursday, January 28, 2010

Children Of The Sun

Nearing the end of the third week of the semester!

These are three postcard sized pieces done recently as an extension to my final project, which is evolving incredibly. I'll probably refine these a bit more and make more; maybe turn it into a bigger wallpaper-ish print.

Here's some background:

I'll post up a lot more work now that I've secured excellent scanning facilities!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


AH! School's almost over and its making me a little nervous now....mostly excited!

Also, mostly sexually frustrated, apparently. A lot of my recent work has featured men wrestling and/or fighting. Its the subject that keeps on giving!

This shirt was an assignment in Brian Smith's Type and Image class. I'm pretty psyched with the results. It was my first time experimenting using a waxy medium to make a separation for silkscreening in an effort to increase my use of texture.

Also, its going to be featured in the second issue of Spaghetti Suicide. Look out for it!



This is my first attempt at what I like to call digital printmaking. Lack of facilities is forcing me to find alternatives to printmaking for the future.


This is a color study in color pencil I did for my extensive final in-college project. I won't give too many details away yet, but expect an update soon...and some redecoration! This blog looks el terĂ­ble!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quit Sippin' H8erade

Happy 2010!

This is so strange. I haven't blogged since my teen angst filled days on Xanga...

I figured its time I get my stuff out there. Facebook didn't seem like the appropriate medium to put up work and I lack a website to dazzle everyone with currently, so blogging it is!

What better way to baptize my blog than with a piece I'm incredibly proud of, which is incredibly relevant right now!

Feel free to print some out and post 'em up! The fight for marriage equality is incredibly important to myself and millions of other people, not only in the United States, but around the world! If you want a shirt to show your support, email me, and we'll figure something out.