Saturday, April 10, 2010

Googly Eyes

Most people who know me know I am obsessed with googly eyes. Almost too much for my own good. As a result, here's a monoprint I made where I use them to form an alphabet. I used some white acryclic to fuss with some details and pop out the letters.

I thought it'd be a good move to use a bit of black in the upper right corner, but I don't think I like it too much anymore. I like how delicate the rest of it looks in comparison. I'll probably redo it and edit this post soon!

I also tried a variation where I only monoprinted the background to get that beautiful texture and then silkscreened the letters on top of it, but I'm not feeling it too much. That could change with time. Its been known to happen.



  1. OOO yes, silkscreen the letters on top! I really like the idea though, and your letterforms are pretty recognizable. I like!

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    I tried it, but I didn't like the result too much. I think I'm just going to redo it and keep the ink clean so that the whole thing looks like the right side of this one.