Friday, November 9, 2012


After a craaaazy two months and some change, the CREEPS III Release and Collective Show at Ed. Varie came and went w/ no casualties and a great sense of accomplishment! Many, many thanks to all my friends and, most importantly, the rest of the CREEPS core who showed tremendous support and work ethic to make sure this bebe saw the light of day!

The third incarnation of CREEPS Annual is jam-packed w/ the work of thirty-three artists of all kinds of flava flaves bound into three books w/ screen printed coatings and wrapped tightly in a die-cut sleeve collaboration between my siamese twin, Nina Carelli, and I. Extra bonuses include two screen printed posters based on my humiliation and A (Ode to Nauman) videos and a first-time CREEPS Collective collaboration: the Paperbabe!

Glow in the dark Chain Fetish cover for Book Two of CREEPS III

Book One Insert for humiliation

Book Three Insert for A (Ode to Nauman)

Siamese Troll Head and Stretch Armstrong Torso for the CREEPS Collective Paperbabe

Thank you to Karen Schaupeter at Ed. Varie for her assistance in making this a very big year for the CREEPS Collective! Our first collective show in correlation w/ the release of the latest CREEPS Annual wouldn't have been possible w/out her!

Stay tuned to our revamped website, designed by Michael Maguire and Chris Wednesday, for the latest news and information on where you can pick up a copy or two from our massive edition of 333!

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