Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laura's House


Here are my two most recent spot illustrations for the upcoming issue of Instigatorzine for the short story Laura's House by Lisa Sofranko. Currently, these are digital, but I'm in the process of converting them into a silkscreen print to get a better handle on my transparency overlays. For these new pieces, I purposely limited myself in terms of imagery in an effort to broaden my symbolic visual vocabulary to reinterpret the story in a concise and different manner. Check it once its printed!

The CREEPS Annual Zine Release Party was excellent! The turn out and distribution was incredible and exciting. Check out the NEW website designed by fellow CREEPS Joseph DeDalto and Michael Maguire (who also made super cool Goosebump POG pins for all the collaborators) and stay tuned for information on where you can get your own copy of CREEPS Annual. Thanks again to Nina Carelli for letting me be involved and being the bomb.com!


By the way, if you're into cartoons, the retro, hoarding, collaging, etc. and finding yourself free these days go check out Kenny Scharf and Dearraindrop's collaborative show at The Hole: Hot Glue Hullabaloo. It was INCREDIBALLZ! Kenny's Cosmic Cavern was like experiencing my childhood rolled up into a ball and exploded onto the surrounding walls. Blew my mind and left me with a Sour Patch kids taste in my mouth...which is never a bad thing! Check out Flavorpill's review of the show HERE and check it out for yourself before December 4th.

Its been really difficult keeping up with updating since the loss of my Macbook (RIP), but hopefully my pockets will run deep enough soon to heal my heart with a replacement!

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