Saturday, June 12, 2010

Totem Burger

I wanted to make sure I kept my promise to re-blog about a print I posted earlier during my school grind which ended up being the first illustration I got printed! (...or at least that I was proud of.)

Above is the original illustration I did for an early assignment in the fall semester of my portfolio class...back when I was intent on sticking to my weak watercoloring skills.

Once I had committed myself to printmaking I knew I wanted to revisit the Totem Burger project and it became clear that I'd complete it as a woodcut. My only regret is the omission of the beer can on top, but it did give me the opportunity to carve out more spaghetti. Mmm!

I ended up submitting the original print to the student run SVA publication Visual Opinion, which coincidentally was doing an issue focusing on food. I even got to share the spread with an awesomely talented fellow graduate, Keat Teoh! Check out his work! Its sweet!

I've yet to get a scan of the spreads, but Totem Burger was also printed for my feature in a zine created by some of my closest homies up at Wilkes University who make things good and call themselves the POWteam! You can preview their first issue here and friend them here on Facebook! They like friendz!

I always wanted to try digital coloring and have been looking for ways to incorporate it into my prints, so I gave it a shot with this. Could be a new direction to head in with my work, but I'll just stick to my instincts for now. There's always room for exploration!

Here's a treat! My first attempt at silk screening from the beginning of my junior year in the bookmaking class taught by the incredible David Sandlin. Thought it'd be fun to share!

More updates soon!

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