Monday, January 10, 2011

Eye Keep Losing All My Teeth and Friends

The Postcards from the Edge Preview Party last Friday was SUPER crowded! Hopefully, you were able to see the show this past weekend before it came down. Lots of great work!...and it was fun trying to figure out which of the pieces were by big names in the game. A friendly volunteer revealed to me that the postcard pictured below was actually Yoko Ono's, so congrats to whoever made the purchase!

My submission, Eye Keep Losing All My Teeth and Friends (Postcard #1010), seemed to pique some interest, so here's hoping it was able to make Visual AIDs some cash moneys (I've yet to find out!) Some  art budz who were also in the show include: Buzz SlutzkyErin DodgeFlorencia Escudero, and Lindsay Lee Long (GERL update your website!). Check 'em out!...and if you didn't get a chance to submit this year, you should definitely make an attempt the coming one!

It was really freeing and fun to make a piece that didn't involve the printmaking process. I think I'll do it more often...

HAPPY 2011!


  1. What were you thinkin' while painting that, Giancarlo? It's very abstract and interesting. The name is also mysterious! What was your inspiration in drawing those teeth? Was it a vampire? LOL! Hehe... I thought so, since there are fangs...

    Suzanne Steven

  2. Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much! I'm very obsessed w/ the pareidolic (see pareidolia?) nature of objects in a constrained environment. Its very common for me to associate everything w/ having a face. In general, I find it more interesting to hear interpretations from the viewer rather than spill my own personal motivations for creating a piece.