Thursday, September 18, 2014

He Who Would Mold Public Sentiment in Lutefisk Magazine's Boys Issue

LACTIC's newest production, He Who Would Mold Public Sentiment, is featured in Lutefisk Magazine's Boys Issue! Check it out online HERE.

Special thanks to the whole team who made this possible:

Karen Burke





Leon Finley

Stay tuned for details on the release of the print issue!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

CREEPS 4.5: Year of the Green Horse at Idiosyncrasy Art House

Back at the end of July, the Creeps Collective released our first top secret half issue, CREEPS 4.5, an ode to the original zine format of the inaugural Creeps Annual featuring a curated selection of invited virgin and veteran contributors from near and far.

The release coincided with a weeklong exhibition and launch party featuring readings by our contributors, three DJ sets, and two pop ups with our new friends at Idiosyncrasy Art House.

Get your copy of CREEPS 4.5 now via the Creeps Annual online shop:

...and stay tuned for details on the approaching release of CREEPS V!